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A 97-cent Walmart buy will give your backyard a major glow-up this summer – they’re better quality than the dollar store

A CONTENT creator has shared the affordable Walmart product that beats out the dollar store.

He said the backyard update simply couldn’t be beat, price-point wise.


Anastacio, a lifestyle content creator, shared his 97 cent purchase from Walmart that gave his backyard a glow-upCredit: TikTok/anastaciosaspect

Anastacio (@anastaciosaspect) shared the video with over 25,000 TikTok followers.

He held up lights that could be placed in plants to add ambience in the dark.

“These are better quality and cheaper than the dollar store,” he said.

“What a nice easy way to add some ambiance to your garden at night and it won’t even cost you more than 97 cents,” he added.

He stuck the lights, which were 97 cents each, in potted plants and waited for night time to show off the ambience.

“Watch your yard glow up and create a vibe in the dark,” he said.

“Adding something so simple can add a major effect around your backyard and your flowers.

“The end result is a vibe you absolutely have to create this summer.”

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on his Walmart purchase.

Many were shocked by the steal: “For real??? Don’t buy em all!!!” joked one commenter.

“So cool! Love that! People think the dollar store is the cheapest place but forget that sometimes places like Walmart can beat it!!” said another.

“I love your yard so much,” said a third.

He placed lights inside of his plants to create ambience at night


He placed lights inside of his plants to create ambience at nightCredit: TikTok/anastaciosaspect

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