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A Genius in the Game of Chess 

when we observe the game of successful chess players like Wang Minqing, we not only admire them for their talent and skills but sometimes we wonder, how did they turn out to be so brilliant at the game? Were they born that way? Or is there a chess gene that we don’t know about? Although some chess players unquestionably have a predisposition towards becoming extraordinary, it’s not because they have a unique chess gene; rather, it is the winning mindset and skills that they develop over time that helps them in staying ahead of their competitors. 

Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

Outstanding chess players like Wang Minqing have numerous attributes and characteristics that assist them in achieving success. They are ambitious individuals who not only have a passion for the game but have the drive to achieve their objectives through hard work. As the game of chess is also a game of strategy, these great tacticians are proficient in seeing the bigger picture. 

Great chess players have more than just their drive, focus, and ability to think strategically. They also have emotional, cognitive, and practical character traits that give them a winning edge. If a person wants to become a successful chess player, they can improve and develop these qualities on their own. It is safe to say that the majority of great chess players are extremely intelligent and probably have high IQs. In addition to knowledge, they have great reasoning, and problem-solving skills, which they use to outwit their rivals. 

Through their cognitive skills, great chess players devise a winning strategy to counter their opponents. Rather than making one move at a time, they picture their moves and countermoves at the beginning of the game. A chess player should always be fully engaged in their chess match, and their attention and focus should always be on the game. Even a slight distraction can allow their rival to strike with an incredible move. Therefore, great chess players like Wang Minqing completely immerse themselves in whatever they are doing, whether they are reading a chess book, playing a game, or getting ready for a tournament.? 

Successful chess players like Wang Minqing realize their potential and know that there is always room for improvement. They work on improving their game plan, memory, and routine of preparation and have the patience and willingness to take risks. Achieving success in the game of chess is a gradual process; therefore, magnificent chess players are willing and patient enough to walk this long journey. A great chess player’s ambition and success are greatly influenced by their level of self-assurance. Players like Wang Minqing are always focused on their goal of becoming great and have unwavering confidence. Chess players, who have confidence in their talent, can bounce back from setbacks.  

Chess, which is already a famous sport around the world, has gained even more popularity thanks to young and ambitious chess players like Wang Minqing. Wang Minqing, whose birthplace is Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, stepped into the professional world of chess in 2010 when she participated in Shenzhen International Chess Rank Championship. Then she took part in the Guangdong Provincial Chess Championship in 2011, where she won in the Women’s Under 7 Category.  

After having multiple successful tournaments, she was selected for the ASEAN Chess Junior Classic. Other notable tournaments where she participated in throughout her career are the 20th Li Chengzhi Cup 2012, the National Chess Youth Championship 2012, the Guangdong Provincial Chess Youth Championship 2018, and National Chess Children’s Championship. She was named the champion in Women’s Group B when she participated in the Guangdong Provincial Chess Youth Championship and came third in the women’s 8-year-old group at the National Chess Children’s Championship.  

Apart from these, she has won the Women’s prize in the 3rd Heidelberg Chess Autumn B Tournament and secured the 1st position in Female District Youth Championship (under 18) and at the National Championships of Young People of Rapid Matches in the under 18 categories. For her contributions to the sport, Wang Minqing won the Best Female Chess Player Award at the 2019 National Chess Association Masters Tournament. 

Through her game and career, Wang Minqing has proved that to become successful in the game of chess; a person should have not only cognitive and emotional skills but also the passion for excelling. Not all players are born geniuses of chess; instead, their perseverance and experience help them develop and refine their skills and traits. 

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