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BBC presenter accuses Amir Khan of sexual harassment.

Mann has accused the married father-of-three of lewd behaviour after she hosted a concert in Manchester.

Presenter Suzi accused the boxer of ‘flirting’ and ‘making sexual advances’ with her on WhatsApp as well as calling her and leaving voicemails.

Suzi said she did not feel ‘comfortable’ with the 36-year-old’s behaviour and tried to ‘remain professional’ despite his escalating advances.

Posting a picture of herself and the I’m A Celebrity star in 2016 – which has since been taken down from Instagram – Suzi wrote: “I first met Amir Khan in 2016 whilst I was hosting Arijit Singh in Manchester!

“A couple of days after the concert, I started receiving WhatsApp messages from an unknown number, with someone claiming to be Amir Khan! I immediately had to ask, actor or boxer? Unfortunately it was the latter!

“On a more serious note, these messages continued and then I started to receive calls and voicemails from Amir Khan himself. Now I’ve been in this industry too long to not know when someone is flirting and making sexual advances.

“This was not something I felt comfortable with and I chose to not entertain it, but remained professional.”

When asked for comment, representatives for Khan said there is “no truth to the story”.

Suzi’s claim, first reported by the Mirror, has come in the wake of Amir’s fallout with his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, after the boxer reportedly begged a model for photos while asking her to meet up with him.

Admitting he shouldn’t have “commented on this woman’s picture saying ‘nice’”, the boxer from Bolton said he is ready to get help for his sexting problem.

“Maybe I do need help to stop me from messaging other women,” he told The Sun.

The boxer added: “I am willing to go to ­therapy to stop me sending texts to women who aren’t my wife. I think nowadays with mental health issues, any help goes a long way. It’s definitely something I would do. Things like that do help, so maybe it’s something to think about.

“You get bored and start making mistakes. If I’m not careful, I will get myself into trouble – especially with the wife. She will end up saying, ‘I’ve had enough’.”

Khan reportedly wrote “U look good on g string,” in one of the messages. He also promised to delete any received photos.

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