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Brazil v Panama: Women’s World Cup 2023 – live | Women’s World Cup 2023

Key events

78 min: Lovely bit of build-up play but Kerolin attempts a long range effort which is way wide. Panama’s Cox battles well to get the side a chance but Castillo’s shot is over the bar.

76 min: Brazil make two changes with Ary Borges and Luana off for Marta and Duda Sampaio. Marta is on for her SIXTH World Cup.

75 min: The crowd go wild as Marta gets ready to come on – 4-0 up and able to bring on Marta, incredible. Gonzalez is down with an injury, she looks in a bit of pain but she is quickly back to her feet.

74 min: Pinzon is fouled and Brazil are able to clear. Kerolin fires another shot but it is blocked. Panama’s game has been brighter in this second half but Brazil’s brilliance is stamping it out.

72 min: Ary Borges is the first Brazilian player to score a hat-trick on their World Cup debut!

GOAL! Brazil 4-0 Panama (Ary Borges, 70′)

That’s the hat-trick! Geyse crosses a lovely ball in and Ary Borges heads home.

70 min: Tamires crosses in but Bailey clears. Geyse has a loose pass which gifts Panama the ball but then Tanner loses out.

68 min: Kerolin is so close to adding Brazil’s fourth! She makes a great run, takes a touch around a defender but her shot is wide.

66 min: Quintero has been taken off as a concussion sub. Brazil have a corner and it comes to Rafaelle and Bailey saves!

66 min: Natis clearly shoves a Brazilian player there but no foul and Panama are off on an attack. Tanner finds herself in a one-on-one with Leticia but the keeper comes out to make contact. She does enough to quell the threat and after a VAR check is cleared for a potential dangerous tackle.

64 min: Luana is quickly back to her feet but Quintero needs more attention. I think she is okay to continue also, great news. The play is back underway.

62 min: Geyse makes a great first touch and run to get Brazil into the box but Bruninha’s shot is way over the bar. A nasty clash of heads here between Quintero and Luana. A break in play as they receive treatment.

60 min: Panama get in a great position and Baltrip-Reyes rallies off a shot, it’s on target but Leticia collects. Brazil make a triple change with Geyse, Nunez and Bruninha are on for Debinha, Zaneratto and Antonia off.

58 min: Adriana heads wide and then a loose pass from Pinzon almost sees Brazil pounce but the shot it wide.

56 min: Brazil continue to pull all the strings. In other news, water is wet.

54 min: Tamires is a constant threat, she gets it into the box again but it just skims her teammates. Kerolin gets a great chip over the top but
Zaneratto’s shot is wide. Panama make two changes with Riley and Mills off for Tanner and Cedeno.

52 min: The corner is played short but booted in, Panama manage to head away.

52 min: The only criticism of Brazil’s game in the first half was that they could have scored more and they seem to have taken the message onboard. Brazil have a corner, it comes in and Box sees it out for another corner.

50 min: Brazil so calm and collected in front of goal, a frantic Panama defence just allows their opposition to take their time and convert.

GOAL! Brazil 3-0 Panama ( Zaneratto, 49′)

Tamires gets a cross in and it comes to Ary Borges, she lays it off to
Zaneratto who smashes it home.

Bia Zaneratto of Brazil celebrates after scoring her team’s third goal. Photograph: Chris Hyde/FIFA/Getty Images

47 min: Brazil start the second half just as they first, completely dominant.

Back underway! Brazil 2-0 Panama

The second 45 minutes is underway! Panama have made a change with Jaen off for Natis. Brace for more goals …

Will Brazil just keep scoring in this? And will Marta get on for some of the action? Let me know your thoughts.

Here is the report from Germany Morocco played earlier today:

Apologies for that scattered end to the first half, my TV’s signal went poof! But I have the stream on and I will be all over it in the second half.

Half-time! Brazil 2-0 Panama

Panama kept Brazil at bay until the 19th minute when Ary Borges struck and while the goals have not flooded in, Ary Borges cemented the team’s momentum with a second before the break. Will this become the biggest loss at the tournament so far? That stands at 6-0 from the earlier game between Germany and Morocco.

45 min: My TV is in and out right now, I’m switching to ITVX for the second half! But Brazil are still on top on this encounter – Bailey thwarting another chance before half-time.

44 min: Panama win a free kick inside their own half so they will have to build from deep but the chance is quickly closed down.

42 min: Bailey gets her team out of danger, the keeper is having a good game so far. Kari has got in touch and said: “If it weren’t for Brazilian profligacy, they would be four or five up. After being pleasantly surprised by the evenness of the contests so far, this match and Germany’s 6-0 victory feels like a resetting of expectations.” I think the goals will just keep coming in this one, Brazil not taking their foot of the gas one bit.

GOAL! Brazil 2-0 Panama (Ary Borges, 40)

It’s Ary Borges again! She hits it in after a pinpoint cross.

Brazil's Ary Borges reacts with her teammates on the bench after scoring her team's second goal.
Brazil’s Ary Borges reacts with her teammates on the bench after scoring her team’s second goal. Photograph: James Elsby/AP

38 min: It’s pinged in but Panama again read it well, the set pieces aren’t quite coming off for Brazil yet. It is not long until Brazil are back on the front foot and it just sails over the head of Ary Borges.

36 min: Brazil have a free kick in another good position, Tamires is over the ball and it comes to Debinha who tries a bicycle kick. It comes back out but Brazil cannot convert, it is out for a corner though.

34 min: Leticia, the Brazilian keeper, has touched the ball twice so far this game. Debinha took a knock but she looks okay to continue – she has been such a threat so far.

32 min: My TV has decided to not pick up a signal so bare with as I deal with technical difficulties! I am back up and running! Brazil have a corner and they take it short again bit Panama have the read of these set pieces and deal with it well.

30 min: A pass to Antonia is out of play and Panama can relieve some pressure for a few seconds. Brazil immediately get the ball back but they’re shot is off target. Panama need to be more concise and get closer to Brazil, they need to smother the attack.

28 min: Bailey concedes a corner and Ary Borges takes it. They take it short again but Quintero does really well to shepherd it out of play for a goal kick.

26 min: The Panama goal is being peppered with chances, how it is still 1-0 I do not know. Brazil can stretch the ball from one end to the other in a matter of seconds, it will be a long afternoon for the debutants.

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