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Cipher circus

This letter refers to the editorial ‘Cipher saga’ (July 21, 2023). The tactic of playing politics by misusing one’s popularity is bound to backfire. What Imran did by ‘disclosing’ the contents of a diplomatic cable, now popularly known as the ‘cipher’, was wrong from the outset. Most people did not even know what the term ‘cipher’ was and how it is used in diplomatic communication before Imran Khan started ‘waving’ a purported cipher around in a public rally. Many people fell for his narrative and thought this was some kind of secret spy communication Imran had intercepted.

However, people with more knowledge of diplomatic communication were stunned as to what Imran was doing as it was totally against the national interest and diplomatic protocol. One was puzzled as to what was going through his mind when he planned this irresponsible move. The former PM’s behaviour was totally unwarranted and he has no option now but to apologize to the nation.

Anas A Khan



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