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Cleveland Fire Brigade tackle fire at Golden Eagle Hotel, Thornaby

Emergency services were alerted to the incident at the former Golden Eagle Hotel in Trenchard Avenue, Thornaby at about 7pm.

The Cleveland Fire Brigade dispatched four appliances to the scene, including an aerial ladder platform. 

The Northern Echo: Fire at Golden Eagle Hotel, Thornaby

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Crowds of onlookers gathered as a cordon was set up around the scene, while fire fighters tackled the blaze. 

One woman at the scene, who wished to remain anonymous, said: 
“It’s about time it was pulled down, it’s an eyesore and a playground for vandals.”

Cleveland Police were also in attendance. 

The Northern Echo:

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Shortly before 10pm Cleveland Fire Brigade said four appliances had been at the scene. This has been scaled down to three appliances, but firefighters continued to tackle the fire.

The Northern Echo: Fire at Golden Eagle Hotel, Thornaby

There was no further information available. 

The main pub closed in 2020, while the hotel floors have remained unused for many more years.

There have been repeated calls from locals residents for the “eyesore” to be demolished.

Council chiefs have said hard work is still going on to resolve the situation of the former hotel while leading politicians have clashed over accusations of “dilly, dally and delay”.

A leading council officer warned the derelict Golden Eagle was “complicated” as Conservative and Labour leaders disagreed about the handling of the project. Stockton Council has announced work will begin on designing a new swimming pool at the site of nearby Phoenix House, which is being demolished.

Cleveland Police have been contacted for further details of the fire. 

The Northern Echo:

The Northern Echo:

The Northern Echo:

The Northern Echo:



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