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Dopey driver rolls car into ditch after overtaking lorry on wrong side

A HILARIOUS video shows a dopey driver rolling their Range Rover into a ditch after attempting to overtake a bin lorry on the wrong side.

The impatient motorist appeared unable to wait any longer during a Biffa bin lorry’s stop in the village of Cranleigh, Surrey, opting instead to drive on the grass to the left-hand side of the lorry.

However, the SUV driver receives instant karma, and is sent careening into a ditch right in front of the onlooking waste collection workers.

The hilarious footage was captured by a rear camera on the bin lorry, and shows a worker hooking up a wheelie bin to the rear of the truck as the dark grey Range Rover creeps into view.

The worker, dressed in orange hi-vis get-up, turns to watch the SUV as the bin empties into the lorry’s trough beside him.

The driver, seemingly unwilling to wait the short time that it would take to empty the bin, then proceeds to attempt to overtake the bin lorry.

However, instead of moving onto the other side of the road as should be done, the Range Rover opts to attempt to drive on the grassy area to the left of the truck.

The SUV ploughs through a puddle as it attempts to mount the grass, but is immediately caught short as the driver appears to have underestimated the verge on the side of the road.

The worker watches on with his hands on his hips, hilariously unfazed as the vehicle begins to slide down the ditch in a bizarre nosedive.

The Range Rover topples into the ditch, resting almost vertically as the driver is left helplessly spinning the SUV’s wheels in a futile attempt to get back on the road.

In a moment of perfect comic timing, the worker, still seemingly unshocked by the events unfolding right in front of him, then collects the now-empty bin and appears to continue on with his shift.

Waverley Borough Council took to social media yesterday to share the footage, warning other motorists to be patient for their bin lorries.

They wrote : “Next time you think about overtaking one of our refuse collection vehicles, please take care.

Pictured: The hilarious moment the worker sees the car toppled after the silly . (C) Waveryley Borough Council.

“As well as putting our Biffa crews (and others) at risk, you may find yourself with a hefty garage bill.

“Please be patient.”

The clip has since received over 1,000 likes and dozens of comments from users left in stitches by the dopey Range Rover driver’s blunder.

One user wrote: “Fantastic reaction from the worker there.”

Another said: “Great ad for the off-road capabilities of Range Rover, eh?”

A third commented: “If a pose says, ‘Serves you f***ing right’, it’s this one.”

Another added sarcastically: “That really saved them some time.”

A fifth wrote: “You can’t park there, mate.”

A spokesperson for Waverley Borough Council today said: “Sadly, this is typical of what our waste collection crews have to put up with on a daily basis.

“People are impatient and put vehicles and operatives at risk but, as can be seen here, it doesn’t always work out well for them.

“The bottom line is that we need to look after the people who are looking after us and have some patience on the roads.”

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