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Emmerdale fans break down in tears as Rishi Sharma tribute

EMMERDALE fans have broken down in tears at the soap’s emotional tribute to Rishi Sharma.

The businessman – who was played by actor Bhasker Patel in the ITV soap – died last week suddenly.


Jai could be seen getting emotional over the tribute
It comes after the character shockingly passed away


It comes after the character shockingly passed awayCredit: ITV

He was found by son Jai collapsed at the bottom of his stairs while on the way to Jai’s wedding.

The heartbreaking development left Jai and the rest of his family utterly devastated.

This week Jai discovered that his dad had already planned for every eventuality – and wanted to be cremated and laid to rest in India.

As he’s been struggling to come to terms with everything, Jai has been unable to look into even thinking about his dad.

And in tonight’s episode he got a shock when Rishi’s lodger Tom King arrived and delivered a final present from Rishi.

Rishi had asked Tom to help him digitalise all his family pictures and put them onto a USB stick.

Jai was overwhelmed with Tom’s gesture and thanked him but couldn’t bring himself to look at the pictures.

It was only when Archie asked him to that Rishi sat down with Laurel and Gabby and went through them.

Pictures flashed up showing Rishi at Priya’s wedding, larking about in the village and posing with friends and neighbours.

It was all too much for Jai who broke down crying and viewers joined him.

One wrote: “The photos were lovely I was crying with Jai.”

A second said: “Rishi as a Blueberry! I’m filling up now,” referring to the character sporting costume.

Another added: “Lovely memories.”

In some of the snaps, Rishi could be seen with his daughter Priya


In some of the snaps, Rishi could be seen with his daughter PriyaCredit: ITV

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