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Farewell To The Dream Of A Three-time Championship: The United States Falls To Sweden On Penalties And Is Eliminated From The Women’s World Cup [Videos] | The USA Print

The United States team could not assert their position as favorites in the round of 16 match of the Women’s World Cup and ended up being eliminated by their counterpart from Sweden in a penalty shootout (5-4), in a match where the VAR generated controversy after a controversial review that affected ‘Team USA’.

The USA exhibited a clear superiority in attack that could only be surpassed by a great performance from Swedish goalkeeper Zecira Musovic, who ended up making 11 saves to prevent the score from going from 0-0 in the regulation 90 minutes.

The controversy came in the penalty shootout since the penalty that gave the Europeans victory and led to the elimination of the Americans, was reviewed and validated by VAR. Sweden’s Lina Hurting finished off on target and her shot was apparently saved in two halves by US goalkeeper Alyssa Neaher.

However, after hitting the goalkeeper’s hands, the ball ended up crossing the goal line by millimeter. After a VAR review that for many was not as exhaustive as the situation warranted, the goal was awarded to Sweden and with it the dream of a three-time championship for the United States ended.

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