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Five Dead in Flash Flooding in Philadelphia Suburbs

He said an estimated six to seven inches of rain fell in less than 45 minutes. “In my 44 years, I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said. “When the water came up, it came up very swiftly.”

Eli Weissman, 65, said he and his 22-year-old daughter were trapped in the same deadly flash flood at Washington Crossing.

They were both on board his BMW motorcycle driving home when it suddenly started raining, he said.

“We were only five miles from my house, so we figured we’d head on home instead of waiting it out,” Mr. Weissman said. The rain began to pick up, as cars in front of them started stopping, he said.

“Then this water just came rushing down the road,” Mr. Weissman said. “It was like a dam burst or something,” he added. “It was just nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

He said he and his daughter were thrown off the bike and into the water, which had swiftly risen to around eight feet deep.

“We were floating down and trying to survive the rapids, you know, feet first, clinging to trees, clinging to vines, anything we could cling to,” Mr. Weissman said. “It was so fast and so deep.”

Around them, cars were deserted and some of them were overturned. At one point, Mr. Weissman said, he “saw a mother get out of her car with an infant and walk away from the car.” He said that believed that they were members of the family from Charleston, though he was not certain.

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