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Hilarious moment Celtic steward slips after chase with pitch invader

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a Celtic steward takes a tumble following a chase with a young pitch invader – who proceeds to laugh in his face.

The steward, who was working at Celtic Park in Glasgow on Tuesday for the match against Athletic Club, had set off after the youth who jumped the barrier following the game’s conclusion.

However, right as he was coming in to snare the supporter, the steward appeared to lose his footing on the rain-soaked slick turf which sent him plummeting to the ground.

The youngster who had been caught then added insult to injury by pointing and laughing at the steward as he tries to regain his composure.

The clip begins with the steward sprinting across the field to cut off the angle of the young man dressed all in black.

However, a second steward by the advertising boards then turns around at the right time, and captures the young man in his outstretched arms.

Despite his colleague’s success, the first steward appears to already have too much momentum carrying him forward and despite his best effort to stop, finds himself sliding towards the touchline.

As his knees slightly bend it seems that the steward may be able to hold his balance up and avoid taking the dreaded tumble.

Unfortunately, the rain in Glasgow’s east end had provided a slick surface for the pre-season friendly – which was also celebrating the testimonial of Celtic’s James Forrest.

The guard slides over the touchline and falls straight on his backside as a loud chant of ‘way’ can be heard by the remaining members of the crowd who had stayed behind after the game.

The steward couldn’t stay on his feet as he slid helplessly towards the touchline. Credit: Stephen Lowe

The pitch invader who has been accosted had the best view in the stadium and can’t help but point and chuckle as the steward gets back to his feet rapidly.

The young man then opts to try and give another steward a handshake but is rejected as the steward wraps his arm around the supporter.

The video was shared online by a Celtic supporter yesterday who wrote: “There’s nothing to beat a bit of post-match pitch invasion slapstick.

“Last night James Forrest’s testimonial – Celtic v Athletic Club Bilbao – was no exception as the slipper steward was mercilessly mocked by his adroit adversary.”

Supporters were quick to offer some level of support to the steward and questioned the choice of footwear provided.

One said: “[I] will never understand why they have stewards running on with Saturday night sliders on when there’s about eight guys with football boots on around the park specifically for pitch invaders.”

Another added: “Wet a**e.”

Celtic managed to make sure that Forrest was celebrated with a victory as the team came from 2-1 down to win the game 3-2 with goals from Reo Hatate, Alexandro Bernabei and David Turnbull.

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