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How to Relax in Venice? 

Venice is one of the best vacation destinations in the entire world, and there are plenty of places to visit there. Everything you might want from an Italian trip can be found there from delicious vine and pizza to gorgeous churches or museums. 

In this article, you will learn some tips on how to relax in Venice, what to do there, how to move around the city, and much more. Without further ado, let us see what Venice all is about! 

Photo by Kit Suman on Unsplash

Tourist Attractions 

There are plenty of tourist attractions all around the city. You can purchase various traditional masks that represent the Venice festival, some souvenirs from the trip, and do a lot of sightseeing. There are many churches, old and beautiful worth visiting like San Marco Basilica, Santa Maria dei Frari, San Giorgio Maggiore, San Pantalon, Santa Maria Assunta Detta I Gesuiti, Chiesa della Madonna dell-Orto, San Lazzaro degli Armeni to name a few. Venice is an old city with history and beautiful monuments. One of the most notable ones is the Piazza San Marco. An open space in front of San Marco Basilica. 

You will also see a lot of gifts for people who love soccer. You can find items representing three of the most iconic Italian teams A.C. Milan, Juventus F.C., and Inter Milan. These are a lot of scarves, cleats, shorts, socks, shin guards, and more. If you are unsure what some of the things are you can always check the glossary of soccer terms. All items represent the iconic teams that every soccer fan knows in Red, Blue, and Black colors with hits of white. 

An extremely popular tourist attraction is taking a gondola ride. You can take a trip through the Venice canals on a gondola. Most of them have a capacity of six passengers. The cost of that ride is around 80-100 euro. You can also visit some other islands around Venice. The most notable one is Lido, which holds an annual film festival in August. There the atmosphere is a bit different, but if you want to go swimming at sit on the beach then it is a place to go. You can reach it by water transport and speaking of traveling around Venice. 

Moving Around the Venice 

Traveling in Venice and moving around across the city can be quite tricky and different from other places you have ever been. In Venice, you do not have your usual means of transportation. There are no bikes, no buses, no skateboards, or even cars. You cannot just simply order an Uber and be on your way. The whole city is quite small (at least the island part) and your main means of transportation is on foot. You can go from one side of the city to another in about 2-3 hours maximum, depending on the route you take. 

Another way of transportation are boats. More specifically there are 159 types of watercrafts including famous vaporetto’s, motorboats, battelli foranei (a type of big vaporetto, used to transport to outer islands) ferry ships, and more. There are stops near the water, similar to bus stops, except you move around through the water. You can also get yourself a Venezia Unica City Pass.  

It allows you to purchase a ticket for various means of water transportation for a couple of days. If you have a short trip, you can buy a one-day ticket or a three-day ticket. There are also weekly tickets or one-way tickets, but you will save the most money by purchasing a day or couple-day pass. 

Relaxing in Venice 

The main thing to understand about Venice is to sink into the atmosphere. Make sure to just take it all slowly, walk around all day sightseeing the buildings, the architecture, various exhibits, museums, churches, and eating at local restaurants. Stop, buy gelato (ice cream) walk around and let the sun slowly touch your face. It is a place of calmness, and in order to fully relax there you need to slow down and match the pace of everything around. 

Venice is a gorgeous and unique place, where everyone just wants to cherish what is around them and you should to. If you bought a pass for the vaporetto’s, then you can just ride them as much as you want, and it is a relaxing experience, going on water, watching the waves and gorgeous homes, houses, chapels, churches, all near the water line. Travel in Venice is supposed to be simple. 

Food in Italy is overall of an extremely high standard but does not have to be expensive. Search for local restaurants, and try to eat in smaller alleys, where the locals eat. It gives the best vibes of just being there. There are a lot of cats there, but due to the temperature they often hide around, but if you go for an evening walk, you can spot them laying all around the city’s roads. Be like cats, and slow down, enjoy your stay. You do not need to visit every single church or place in order to relax in Venice.  

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