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Hunter Biden photographed at ‘sugar baby’ attorney’s Malibu home

Hunter Biden was photographed on Saturday picking up some lunch and stopping at his lawyer’s ritzy house in Malibu, Calif., for a lengthy meeting.

The president’s troubled son had the Secret Service agents stop to grab some to-go Thai Food that he then brought over to the multi-million dollar home of his so-called “sugar brother” lawyer Kevin Morris, exclusive photos obtained by The Post show.

Hunter, wearing a camo hat with a California state flag patch and a denim shirt, kept his head down trying to hide from press photographers with the help of Secret Service agents as he came and went.

The pair met for about three hours, photographers said.

Morris, a 60-year-old successful Hollywood-based lawyer and major Democratic Party supporter, is reportedly the First Son’s fixer who allegedly loaned him $2 million last year to help pay off his delinquent federal taxes and has allowed him to use his private jet to fly to court appearances.

Hunter Biden was seen in Malibu, California on Saturday.
Garrett Press Photo/ MEGA

Hunter Biden
The president’s son picked up Thai food before meeting with his attorney Kevin Morris, with Secret Service agents in tow.
Garrett Press Photo/ MEGA

Kevin Morris' home
Morris was spotted smoking outside of the ritzy Malibu home last month.
Garrett Press Photo/ MEGA

A Hunter Biden associate picks up Thai food.
A Hunter Biden associate picks up Thai food before they go to Morris’ home.
Garrett Press Photo/ MEGA

Morris accompanied Hunter to federal court in Delaware  last month when younger Biden pleaded not guilty to tax and gun charges after his sweetheart, probation-only plea bargain fell apart at the last minute.

The attorney has been a central, if mysterious, figure in Hunter’s orbit since they met at a December 2019 Biden fundraiser

He was seen brazenly smoking a bong on his balcony when Hunter, who is sober after years of drug addiction, dropped by before his court appearance. He is also among the buyers of Hunter’s novice artworks.

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