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HVAC repairs underway in Austin ISD as temperatures rise

AUSTIN (KXAN) – For years, air conditioner issues have plagued campuses around Austin ISD, school officials said.

“We have to go to rental equipment, use emergency funds, some of those pieces of equipment are $10,000 a month,” said Michael Mann, AISD’s executive director of construction management.

Last November, voters approved a historic $2.44 billion bond package. The money will go towards modernizing schools, adding new technology and addressing HVAC issues — which is a high priority.

“Over the summer we have about 15 schools…16 schools that have HVAC repairs that will be completed,” said Mann.

These fixes come as Austin is seeing record temperatures, but not all the work will be done by the time school starts.

“We have another five (schools) that are in the bidding process,” Mann said. “We have plans for another 15 or so for next summer.”

Those schools will still rely on rental equipment when the summer ends.

The district gave KXAN records in the spring, which showed more than 4,700 work orders were filed across 130 campuses from July 2022 to February 2023. However, just 29 campuses accounted for more than half of the work orders filed in that time frame.

“Since the 2017 bond we have seen those work orders go down, generally,” Mann said. “It is trending downward and we expect to keep seeing that.”

Mann said it will take time to get to every school, but once the repairs are made the district won’t be wasting money on rental equipment and repairs.

“We don’t want any school and student to be without the proper learning environment.”

AISD offers an interactive map, a list of improvements planned for each campus, and a schedule for the modernization plans. Explore those details and more information about the 2022 Bond here.

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