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Infrastructure challenge

Known for its vibrant energy and diverse culture, Karachi has long suffered from a lack of adequate infrastructure. However, recent development plans aimed at transforming the city have inadvertently exacerbated the challenges faced by its people. The ongoing financial challenges have intensified the burden on the city’s already strained resources, making it even more challenging to address the long-standing infrastructure issues. While the development plans aim to uplift the city’s infrastructure, the timing has proven to be a double-edged sword, as the economic crisis has left the local government grappling with limited funding and resources.

While the local government and authorities bear the responsibility of addressing the city’s infrastructure challenges, it is crucial for the residents to actively engage in civic participation. By raising their voices, demanding accountability and actively participating in decision-making processes, the people can exert pressure on the local administration and work towards a brighter future for Karachi.

Tanzeel Khanzada


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