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M271: Video shows moments before lorry ploughs into vehicles

The footage shows the seconds before Stafan-Alexandru Bloj’s Royal Mail lorry smashed into the back of David Sullivan’s van at Redbridge roundabout. 

In the clip, which was played in court, Bloj’s Mercedes Actros can be seen approaching on the middle lane without slowing.

Mr Sullivan, 64, died after suffering devastating injuries. Two other drivers were also injured. 

Bloj was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving over the fatal crash on November 17, 2020.

Daily Echo: Stefan-Alexandru Bloj outside Southampton Crown CourtStefan-Alexandru Bloj outside Southampton Crown Court (Image: Solent News and Photo Agency)

A jury at Southampton Crown Court heard the 34-year-old Royal Mail driver had nodded off moments before smashing into Mr Sullivan’s white Citreon Relay van. 

Bloj, 34, told jurors he was later diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea – when your breathing stops and starts while you sleep, causing sleepiness in the day – following a trip to his home country of Romania after the crash.

He also revealed he only had three hours sleep before the shift – his first ever night shift for Royal Mail – which lasted over 14 hours.

Jurors heard Romanian Bloj wasted his rest breaks to watch videos on his phone and text his partner.

He is due to be sentenced on August 31 at Southampton Crown Court.

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