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Marking 500 Days of Resilience in Ukraine

Five hundred days ago, on February 24, 2022, the Russian government launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.  As the Kremlin attempts to subjugate Ukraine, seize its land, topple its democratically elected government, the spirit of Ukraine’s people remains unbroken, and the United States remains committed to helping Ukraine defend itself and to rebuild its future.  Each day, the people of Ukraine demonstrate their resilience and unity in defending against Moscow’s brutal, relentless assaults.  In the face of enormous adversity, the people of Ukraine inspire the world, reminding us of the importance of upholding the tenets of the UN Charter.

The Russian government remains the sole obstacle to a just and lasting peace in Ukraine.  The United States will continue to impose severe costs on the Russian government through sanctions, export controls, and other measures that will impact the Kremlin’s ability to wage war, and we will continue to promote accountability for violations of international law.  We will stand with Ukraine — along with our allies and partners — for as long as it takes by providing security, economic, and other assistance to Ukraine, so Ukraine can continue to defend itself and be in the strongest possible position at the negotiating table when the time comes.

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