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Martin Lewis issues urgent warning to anyone with MOT due as DIY checks & ‘hidden’ test centres could save you hundreds

MARTIN Lewis has issued an urgent warning to anyone with an MOT due.

The MoneySavingExpert (MSE) is calling on drivers to avoid failing the simple tests for their motors and save hundreds of pounds in the process.


Martin Lewis has urged motorists to do a number of checks before their MOTCredit: Rex

In his weekly newsletter, the money-saving whizz gave out some much needed advice on how to put the brakes on costs for your car.

Martin said that a third fail MOTs first time for “simple, avoidable reasons”.

And he says these are usually cheaper to sort before rather than after.

Martin then revealed that DIY car checks and “hidden” test centres could save drivers a hefty amount of cash on their MOT.

He advised: “Look for lights that aren’t working, windscreen cracks and more using our easy DIY MOT checks, including TyreSafe’s 20p tread test.”

Over a quarter of MOT failures are due to lights, reflectors and indicators.

So it’s very important you walk around to check your car’s, front and back.

You need to check front fog lights too and if any aren’t working you should buy a new bulb for a few quid and replace it, advised Martin.

While a full suspension check is difficult, motorists are advised to check if the shock absorbers are gone.

You can do this simply by quickly applying your weight to each corner of the car and then releasing – it should settle back swiftly if everything is ok.

Martin also says that doing checks on your tyres is vital with 6 per cent failing MOTs based on these issues.

Drivers should look up what their tyre pressure should be and fill them up if needed.

While to check your tyre tread you should use a tried and trusted method by TyreSafe, Martin advised.

Pop a 20p coin on its edge into the main grooves of the tyre tread. If the outer rim of the coin is hidden, your tyres should be legal.

If you can see it, get them checked.

The Money Saving Expert added that finding the “right test centre for you” was also an important choice in passing your MOT.

He wrote: “If your car’s in good shape and likely to pass, simply find the cheapest.

“If minor issues are likely to be found, ‘hidden’ council centres may win, with MoneySavers reporting that they’re fair and efficient, although they don’t do repairs.”

However, Martin added that if major issues are likely, you should do your research and find a garage you’re happy will do good work.

According to DVSA data for the year up to March 2022 analysed by the RAC, a third of cars, vans and small passenger vehicles failed their MOTs first time.

It comes as Martin issued a warning to holidaymakers over a rental car “trap”.

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