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Meghan Markle ‘will be remembered for’ Queen snub in Sussex Netflix doc | Royal | News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been warned that key aspects mentioned in their controversial docu-series “will be remembered” by the public after the series received a Hollywood Critics Association award nomination.

The six-part series Harry & Meghan, directed by Liz Garbus, recorded extraordinary viewership numbers for Netflix, amounting to the second most viewing minutes of any documentary program on the streaming platform, behind only The Tinder Swindler.

It racked up a total of 81.6 million hours watched on its first four days of release.

A particularly controversial point in the series was when Meghan reenacted and seemingly mocked the “medieval” curtsy she gave the late Queen Elizabeth when they met for the first time.

Meghan went on to compare the curtsy to something from “Medieval Times,” and did a reenactment for the camera.

“It was so intense,” Meghan explained.

However, now the Mail’s Kate Mansey has warned the royal mother-of-two that the comments may have repercussions and harm the Sussexes reputation in the future.

Ms Mansey said: “Lots of people watched that show, didn’t they?

“Everyone watched it and tuned in to see it. It was this huge TV highlight.

“I’m not surprised it’s been nominated for an award. I suspect it’ll win many awards because it was so popular.

“But you do wonder, despite all that success on paper, whether it’s done them any good in the long run.”

She added: “Sometimes there’s moments in these programmes that stay with you and that’s what people become remembered for.

“They can win all the awards they like, but has it done their reputation – has it done their standing – any good? I think time will tell.”

While the show was under consideration for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series, it failed to earn any Emmy nominations.

The series premiered on Netflix in December of last year, sparking controversy in the UK due to Prince Harry’s candid remarks about the Royal Family.

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