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New Celtic Park food outlet revealed as delighted fans hail ‘best signing of the transfer window’

ODIN Thiago Holm. Marco Tilio. Kwon Hyuk-kyu. Yang Hyun-jun. Maik Nawrocki.

All five have been well-received by Celtic supporters – but it’s someone else entirely that’s been described as their best signing of the season.


Smokey Trotters Kitchen’s inaugural menu at Celtic ParkCredit: ANDREW KERR (AndrewKerr1873)
The streetfood stall, based in the Barras, produced the Bombay Bad Boy burger


The streetfood stall, based in the Barras, produced the Bombay Bad Boy burgerCredit: SMOKEY TROTTERS KITCHEN
This dish has divided opinion on social media


This dish has divided opinion on social mediaCredit: FOOTY SCRAN (@FOOTYSCRAN)

Or indeed, someTHING else…

At Hoops star James Forrest’s testimonial this week, there was a new player at Celtic Park.

Smokey Trotters Kitchen, a popular streetfood eatery based in Glasgow’s famous Barras Market, was serving up hot plates inside the ground.

An announcement from the vendor said: “It’s been a year of meetings, phone calls, messages, emails and jumping through some ‘“hoops’. See what I did there?

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“The time has come that we can announce SMOKEY TROTTERS KITCHEN will be slinging out streetfood scran from the Jock Stein West Stand Lower at Celtic Park.”

However, one of their offerings is dividing opinion.

On their first menu, the outlet offered two types of loaded fries alongside their grilled cheese sandwiches.

One was Katsu Fries – chips with salt & chilli chicken, cheese, curry sauce, crispy onions and coriander.

But their Scheme Poutine – fries loaded with haggis, cheese, crispy onions and then peppercorn sauce – has caused a stir on social media among hungry footy fans.

One fan said: “Doesn’t look great but I’d smash it. Bet it tastes great.”

“The concept is good, but that looks minging,” remarked another.

A third fan commented: “Now this doesn’t look appetising but chips and haggis? Get in my belly.”

Others were even more excited, with one saying: “This is beautiful, well done!”

“Finally some food to get excited about at the stadium,” exclaimed another.

“Haggis and peppercorn a total winner,” came a further verdict.

Before this supporter joked: “I would dive into this like Scrooge McDuck diving onto his vault of gold coins.”

Another punter lauded the dish as “Celtic’s greatest achievement” as another dubbed it “the best signing of the transfer window”.

A further fan insisted: “Can’t wait to try it this season.”

Some really weren’t keen though, beyond the dubious looking nature of the platter.

One fan reckoned the dish would be “revolting”, another said “disgusting” while a few others said it looked like “slop”.

Needless to say, some of our English friends weren’t keen on it for starters because of the haggis.

But a couple of like-minded punters encouraged people to overlook that.

“I’d try it. Haggis by all accounts tastes like slightly spicy lamb sausage, so meh. What it is doesn’t put me off,” said one.

While another commented: “People who haven’t tried haggis once (it’s great, try it, absolute scran).”

On that subject though, there was one aspect of the dish plenty of people took issue with.

That being, that it isn’t actually poutine at all (or close).

In its usual form poutine (popularised in Canada), is chips covered in gravy and cheese curds.

While there are variations on it, the inclusion of cheese curds is seen as a necessity.

“Peppercorn sauce x no cheese curds = not poutine!” remarked one fan.

Another called on Celtic ace Alistair Johnston, a Canadian himself, to get involved.

“Uhhhhh @_a_johnston. Might want to pop down to the stadium kitchen and have a word with the chef.”

Then a Canadian themselves replied: “I love you Scotland but this is like a declaration of war on my country.”

Overall though, the concoction won the approval of the Footy Scran community on Twitter – just.

It clearly does split opinions, with 54.8 percent voting ‘Scran’ to 45.2 percent voting ‘No Scran’.

Both the Katsu Fries and the Scheme Poutine will set you back £7.50.

And there will be more to come from the street food stall at Celtic Park.

After trialling the loaded fries and grilled cheese sandwiches during Forest’s testimonial, in the coming weeks Smokey Trotters will roll out more of their menu at the stadium, which includes burgers, wings and wraps.

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That could mean the likes of their Bombay Bad Boy burger (Masala spiced fried chicken, Kerala hot sauce, chana dal, curried mayo and slaw), Birria Tacos (Buckfast beef cheek, cheddar, onion, coriander and spicy beef broth) and their take on a sausage and egg mcmuffin could be available to fans at Parkhead.

Smokey Trotters posted on their social media accounts: “We will be starting off with loaded fries and grilled cheese sandwiches, once we get into it we can unleash more banging dishes to you guys on match days. We’re buzzing about this as it’s a massive thing for a small independent getting this opportunity.”

This Barbie Burger could be on the Celtic Park menu soon too


This Barbie Burger could be on the Celtic Park menu soon tooCredit: SMOKEY TROTTERS KITCHEN

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