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Oppenheimer: Cillian Murphy Defends The Film’s Intimate Scenes And Praises Florence Pugh’s Work

Oppenheimer – 95% It has already become one of the most successful films of Christopher Nolan and it is considered by critics as one of the most important in recent years for its message about human destruction and for the technical advances that the director worked on. Despite this, the film did not manage to escape several complaints, mainly about the representation of women in the story. Some complained about the way the scientist’s wife is portrayed, others that they almost completely ignored the women involved in the Manhattan Project, and some more about the sex scenes with Florence Pughsame as cillian murphy defends and ensures are really important to the plot.

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Nolan’s interest in writing the film’s script in the first person was not a narrative whim, as what the director strongly wanted to portray was this contradictory mind that later became deeply depressed by what his creation caused in the world and the way in which he was despised by the government that led to victory. The only other perspective on the film, which is portrayed in black and white, is that of Lewis Strauss, played by Robert Downey Jr., who represents just this turn in Oppenheimer’s political life. That is why the romantic relationships of the physique remain in the background, but are still relevant to the development of it.

For many years, critics have found a weak point in Nolan’s cinema, and that is that they consider that he does not know how to write women or portray them honestly despite always having great actresses for those roles. Apparently, oppenheimer is no exception, as many say that he missed the opportunity to fairly portray the scientists involved in the project and limited himself to putting Lilli Hornig, played in the film by Olivia Thirlby. Similarly, some believe that Emily Blunt and Florence Pugh they are very wasted as the couples of the protagonist.

Blunt gives life to Katherine Oppenheimer, the protagonist’s wife and who accompanied him until his death. In real life, Kitty became an alcoholic and took much of the blame for her husband’s creation, but was also an indispensable support for him in the face of government persecution, something that is reflected in the film, but is not the main theme of it. Many critics lament that Blunt’s work is limited to listening in silence to Oppenheimer’s statements and shouting while drunk, but it is Pugh’s work that has generated the most controversy.

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Pugh plays Jean Tatlock, a psychiatrist who was Oppenheimer’s partner and remained his lover for much of their marriage and until his death by suicide. In the film, she is presented as a woman with erratic behavior who is emotionally dependent on the scientist despite not wanting to maintain a traditional relationship with him. In addition to appearing naked, the actress enters the scene to have sexual relations with the protagonist, something that was not well seen by several people. The interpreter defended her scenes for a long time, ensuring that she felt very safe under Nolan’s supervision, while the director also defended these moments for the development of her character.

Is now cillian murphy who defends the sex scenes and ensures that they are not free or simple at all. In interview with Sydney Morning HeraldThe actor commented:

Those scenes were deliberately scripted. He knew those scenes would give the movie the rating it got. And I think when you see them, they’re fucking powerful. And they are not free. They are perfect. And Florence is just amazing.

Murphy praised Pugh’s talent, saying it went beyond him in oppenheimer despite having a limited time in the final cut:

I love Florence’s work since ‘Lady Macbeth’ and I think it’s fucking phenomenal. She has this presence as a person and on screen that she is amazing. The impact that she has for the size of the role is pretty devastating.

For his part, Nolan had already clarified that he wanted to show the relationship between the two in an intimate way because it was a very important connection in the life of the scientist and the death of Jean Tatlock deeply affected the physicist who continued to work on the project and eventually felt guilty for causing the deaths of so many people.

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