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Over 100 migrants knock guards out of the way as they rush US border | US News

A group of around 100 migrants, camping on the Mexico-US border, rushed the fence and fled into the country (Picture: AP)

A group of around 100 migrants have attempted to illegally gain entrance to the United States by rushing the border en masse, breaking through razor wire and knocking over guards in the process.

Around 600 migrants amassed at the US-Mexico border on Thursday, where they were kept at bay by the Texas Border Guard, according to the New York Post.

But the situation soon grew tense as the crowd began to split off into smaller groups, with video footage showing the migrants crying out for help before rushing the gate.

A group of men with hoodies, gloves and winter jackets can then be seen pulling the border fencing away as a group of five guards stand in a defensive formation to fill the gap.

Texas State Troopers walk towards a fence after migrants broke through razor wire to enter the U.S., as SB 4 law that would empower law enforcement authorities in the state to arrest people suspected of illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border was temporarily blocked, as seen from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, March 21, 2024. REUTERS/David Peinado

The group broke through the razor wire and knocked border guards out of the way (Picture: REUTERS)
The crowd broke off into small groups which caused trouble for the guards (Picture: Reuters)

Some of the migrants can be seen putting their hands up in the air and surrendering amidst the chaos, while others scramble through the fence, knocking guards out of the way.

Members of the group run to the border gate and start to shout at the National Guardsmen on the other side. The Texas National Guard then quickly scrambles to secure the area.

Texas has deployed its National Guard troops to the border with Mexico (Picture: REUTERS)

Texas has deployed its National Guard troops to the border with Mexico as part of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s ‘Operation Lone Star, an operation intended to counter a rise in illegal immigration, the illegal drug trade, and human smuggling in the region first launched in 2021.

On Tuesday, the state began to prepare to implement SB4, a new law to allow state and local authorities to make arrests for illegal entry, but an appeals court blocked the measure after the Supreme Court said it would allow the law to go into effect.

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