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Pearl Engagement Ring Rhode Island – NECN

A woman in Westerly, Rhode Island used a little big of good luck and turned it into a very special memento that will last a lifetime.

Sandy Sikorski and Ken Steinkamp have been regulars at ‘The Bridge Restaurant and Raw Bar’ in downtown Westerly for years, according to WJAR.

As they were visiting the restaurant at the end of 2021, they ordered Quahogs and one of them had a little surprise inside.

“What are the odds of a pearl being inside of this shell?” said Sikorski to WJAR.

Sikorski took the pearl to The Compass Rose in Westerly where it was sent to a Jewelry maker.

“He said it is called a Mercenaria pearl which is a mollusk type of little animal which makes what looks like a little pearl, it’s made out of the same material, calcite, and another mineral in it and takes years and years to grow,” said Sikorski.

The odds of finding one in a clam are about 1/100,000.

Sikorski and Steincamp have been dating for years and decided to use the pearl to create a ring.

Steinkamp proposed on July 8, she said yes.

Sikorski said that she would like to have the pearl appraised in the future.

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