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Possibility for thunderstorms brings fire danger to this weekend

SAN DIEGO — San Diego County’s hot temperatures continue into the weekend, where the mixture of heat and humidity may heighten fire danger.

“We do have some monsoonal moisture coming in on Sunday and Monday, so we’re expecting maybe some thunder showers. With that, could be some dry lightning that is of concern for us,” said Captain Mike Cornette with Cal Fire San Diego.

The mountains and deserts will be greater areas of concern.

“We do have a grass crop in the desert. We have had fires in the desert before caused by lightning. It’s a little more isolated out there and a little harder to tackle sometimes,” Cornette said.

While the humid air does bring up moisture levels, Cornette says it likely won’t help to slow a fire.

“I don’t think it’s going to be that much of a difference this time of year because those fuels are fully cured and ready to burn,” he said.

Cal Fire crews are preparing by training and staying hydrated. They’ve responded to a lot of heat-related incidents around the county and have been able to put out any fires during this recent heatwave fairly quickly.

“Our goal for CAL Fire in San Diego County is to keep the fires to 10 acres or less for 95% of fires, so we’ve been reaching that mark pretty well the last couple weeks,” Cornette said.

Cal Fire is at peak staffing with 27 state fire engines throughout the county.

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