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Rishi Sunak Mocked For Plan To Revive Chess In Britain

Rishi Sunak is set to burnish his nerd credentials further as the prime minister makes a revival in chess in Britain his latest policy goal.

Bloomberg reported Sunak, who is said to be convinced of the mental benefits of chess, will install 100 chess tables in public parks, encourage the game in schools and back the English Chess Federation to the tune of £500,000, marking government backing for the first time.

The announcement will take place at a “ceremony featuring an over-sized set on 10 Downing Street’s lawn”, people “familiar with the matter” said.

It appears to be a companion piece to his plan to make every pupil learn maths until they are 18, and is the latest sign the self-confessed “nerd” – Sunak keeps a Star Wars lightsaber at Downing Street – thinks everyone could benefit from things he enjoys.

On Twitter, the reaction ranged from questioning his priorities given the cost of living crisis, to the gambit being a distraction from his other struggling priorities. Some also suggested it was a sign that his administration is desperately out of ideas – and likened it to something out of The Thick Of It or John Major’s cones hotline.

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