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Royal Family LIVE: Meghan Markle accused of ‘using people’ after heated row with A-listers | Royal | News

Prince Harry has said his annual fundraising polo match in aid of disadvantaged young people affected by HIV/Aids will ensure they are “healthy, resilient, and able to thrive”.

Harry will stage the sporting event for his charity Sentebale in Singapore, with the money raised used to support the organisation’s clubs and camps programme.

Ahead of the Sentebale Polo Cup on August 12, the Duke of Sussex will travel to Tokyo for a summit on the power of sport, community and philanthropy.

Harry said: “The annual Polo Cup is essential to Sentebale’s vital work ensuring children and young people are healthy, resilient, and able to thrive.

“The funds raised this year will support our clubs and camps programme, which provides intensive psychosocial support to young people living with HIV.

“In a time where being HIV positive is no longer a death sentence, we are empowering young people to know their status, stay healthy, and eliminate the stigma so that they can break the cycle.”

Since 2010, the annual polo cup has raised more than £11million to support Sentebale’s work with children and young people affected by poverty, inequality and HIV/Aids in Africa.

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