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Scots stunned as Netflix stars busk on streets of Glasgow

SCOTS have been left stunned after the stars of cult classic Netflix series Trailer Park Boys were spotted busking on the streets of Glasgow.

Actors Mike Smith and Patrick Roach from the hit Canadian TV show were spotted in-character as Bubbles and Randy, respectively, by passersby on Tuesday.

Trailer Park Boys is a mockumentary sitcom based on the 1999 film of the same name, focusing on the misadventures of three fictional trailer park residents.

Hilarious footage shows Smith, 50, and Roach, 54, standing outside Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art on Queen Street with Smith strumming a guitar whilst Roach, topless, beats his stomach like a drum.

In full character, the pair appear to be crooning an unintelligible song, with an upturned cowboy hat sitting at Bubbles’ feet to collect donations from locals.

On-screen text reads “Just out for a stroll in Glasgow” as amused onlookers stroll past, with one woman even bending down to donate money to the pair.

Bubbles, clad in a blue shirt and brown trousers, gives a curt nod of thanks to the woman whilst Randy smiles and nods, whilst continuing to hilariously drum on his gut.

One local appears to recognise the actors, and blows kiss to the pair before dramatically bowing to them.

Mike Smith and Patrick Roach.
(C) @bubblestpb/Instagram.

The duo carries on their song, with Randy even breaking out a bizarre belly dance right before another onlooker slips some more cash into their cowboy hat.

The footage was shared to social media yesterday with the caption:: “No way we came across these two on a random Tuesday.”

The clip has since received over 4,700 likes and dozens of comments from excited fans.

One joked: “When Netflix doesn’t fund your show [any] more.”

Another said: “Can’t believe I missed this and their show.”

A third commented: “Never in my life have I seen a man play the belly. Don’t know if I should be majorly impressed or downright disgusted.”

A fourth added: “Bobandy [character Randy’s nickname] back on the streets again.”

Trailer Park Boys first aired in April 2001 after the popular release of the 1999 film, with the show running for an incredible 12 seasons before the final episode aired in March 2018.

However, Smith and Roach have recently been spotted in other locations together, sparking hope in many fans that another season is on its way.

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