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Shocking moment escaped convict takes women hostage in Victoria’s Secret | US | News

The shocking moment an escaped knife-wielding convict held a woman and her mother hostage in a Victoria’s Secret store before being shot and killed by police has been caught on film.

Darien Young, 29, had escaped from a transitional housing unit at a minimum-security New Hampshire Department of Corrections on July 21 in the early hours of the morning.

He appeared in a Miami Beach Victoria’s Secret store on Florida just days later holding a terrified mother and daughter hostage as he threatened them with a knife, officials say.

In gripping footage that is circulating online, the convict can be seen holding a knife to one of the women’s throats while another pleaded for her life by clasping her hands in prayer.

The violent aggressor allegedly shouted  “I’m gonna kill her, I’m gonna kill her, don’t make me hurt her don’t make me hurt her”, a witness told Local 10.

Police stormed into the Lincoln Road and Jerrson Avenue store after receiving an alert at 5.30pm.

One cop could be heard urging the suspect to “put it down man, please put it down” as he gripped his weapon. 

Young let go of the older woman at one point and grabbed onto her daughter instead.

Cops then said they had no choice but to open fire at Young. The officer who unloaded the fatal bullet was later identified as veteran Officer Corey Jackson.

Shanell Santiago, who works nearby, told NBC 6: “I was able to hear the gunshots. I heard the sound. I thought I was mesmerized a little bit.

“I was like, maybe it’s in my head right now. I didn’t have music on. So it was clear as day.”

Young was rushed to a nearby hospital’s trauma unit in critical condition but was pronounced dead a few hours later.

He had been accused of receiving stolen property, burglary, falsifying evidence, and drug charges.

But he made a break for it just ten days before he could have been eligible for parole.

His minimum parole eligibility date of July 31 and a maximum release date of Jan. 31, 2028, the department said.

He was shot by Miami Beach police just three days after his escape.

The hostage who feared for their lives inside the Victoria’s Secret store remain unnamed.  

The Miami Beach Police Department has confirmed that the mother and daughter are safe.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will investigate the shooting, police said.




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