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Travellers remain by Romsey Rapids despite demands to leave

A court date has been set for Wednesday afternoon for the eviction of the group who have been living on the cricket pitch by Romsey Rapids since Monday evening.

Test Valley Borough Council confirmed that the unauthorised encampment is still there, with around 13 caravans and associated vehicles.

Yesterday, a council spokesperson said: “The council was made aware that a number of unauthorised travellers had made forced entry to the Romsey Sports Centre and Rapids site on Monday evening.

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“Bailiffs were instructed by Test Valley Borough Council, and they have issued the travellers with a notice to leave (on Tuesday).

“A court date has been obtained that will be used if the site is not vacated in time. Police are monitoring and assessing the situation.”

Police officers continue to monitor the situation and have been working closely with the local authority.

The council has contacted neighbours (Rapids, Youth in Romsey, Cricket Club etc) due to the potential significant impact, with the start of the summer holidays this weekend.

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