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Trump: Donald Trump details $1 billion in income from NFTs, hotel sale in new disclosure

WASHINGTON: Former President Donald Trump provided more details on his sprawling financial empire, including his crypto wallet, speaking fees and the income he received from the sale of his Washington, DC, hotel in a revised financial disclosure form.
In the disclosure, filed with the Office of Government Ethics, Trump had to provide the exact sums for more than $1 billion in income he earned from a variety of endeavors he had previously disclosed only in broad amounts.
In an earlier disclosure, filed with the Federal Election Commission in April, Trump was allowed as a candidate to provide values in broad ranges for some types of income, including dividends, capital gains, interest, rent and royalties. Other types of income, including salaries and speaking fees, need to be disclosed in exact amounts.
Trump listed income from his Dubai golf course between $1 million and $5 million in his original filing. But the OGE filing specifies he made $1,166,357 for managing that property.
Similarly, he reported $284.5 million in income earned from Trump Old Post Office LLC, which owned his hotel in Washington. That includes profits from the property’s operations up until he sold his interest and the proceeds of that sale, which also included the furniture and equipment in the building. That’s a significant increase from the previous filing, which said he’d earned more then $5 million for “hotel revenue.”
Trump’s wealth and celebrity — from his international real estate empire to his star turn on “The Apprentice” — have raised questions about the intersection of his presidency and business interests. The new filings show that Trump, two years out of office, has further leveraged his political career for financial gain, benefitting from million-dollar speaking fees and business ventures made possible by his large following of supporters.
The report gives the most detail to date of Trump’s finances after his time in the White House and as he enters what is likely to be a bruising presidential primary. Democrats have attacked Trump for failing to separate himself from his business dealings while president, but his Republican primary opponents have not been inclined to question the sources of his earnings.
In the new disclosure, Trump provided more details on CIC Digital LLC, the company that receives licensing fees for using Trump’s likeness on nonfungible tokens. It owns a US bank account with a balance less than $1,000 and an Ethereum wallet that holds between $250,000 and $500,000.
Another entity showed $5.8 million in royalties and $12.6 million in payments for speaking engagements, including $1.4 million for a live tour in Florida and Texas with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly in December 2021.
Trump values his 90% stake in his social media company, Trump Media and Technology Group, at $5 million to $25 million. The new filing pulls back the curtain on some of the company’s revenue streams: A little more than $1 million in advertising revenue from Rumble, a conservative live-streaming site that also hosts the company’s Truth Social platform, and $233,786 from ad platform RevContent. Trump also assigned $2.1 million in his speaking fees as income to the media company.
The filing discloses speaking income earned by Melania Trump: a $250,000 speech to the Log Cabin Republicans, and another $250,000 from Fix California, an election integrity group led by Ric Grenell, Trump’s former acting director of national intelligence.
The former first lady made $155,000 for a December 2021 speech in Palm Beach for a political action committee allied with Trump called Make America Great Again, Again. FEC records show no payments in that amount from the super PAC to entities tied to Melania Trump, though the payment may have been made through another vendor.
The amended filing shows that Trump paid off an additional loan from Deutsche Bank AG not included on his original filing. He retired a mortgage between $25 million and $50 million on his Trump National Doral resort.

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