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Wickham Festival: Man proposes on stage with Dohl Foundation

Steven Ridley, 40, jumped onto the stage during the Dohl Foundation’s performance on Saturday night (August 5) and took one knee before asking his girlfriend Sarah Mundy, 37, to marry him.

The pair, from Gosport, had been together for more than 12 years and Steven thought the “time was right” as he stood in front of hundreds of people to confess his love.

Steven told the Chronicle the plans “had been in the pipeline for a while”, he said: “Dad and our family were in the crowd so it just felt fitting.”

Daily Echo: Steven with his Dad, Sarah and Johnny Kalsi from the Dohl Foundation.Steven with his Dad, Sarah and Johnny Kalsi from the Dohl Foundation. (Image: Steven Ridley)

Last year Steven and Sarah saw the drumming group live and it was the “highlight of their weekend”.

This time around they met founder Johnny Kalsi at the festival prior to the performance.

WATCH: Steven Ridley proposes to Sarah Munday on stage during Dohl Foundation

Taking Sarah’s hand on stage, Steven told her: “I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody in my entire life. Will you marry me?”

Moments later she can be seen shouting ‘yes’ into the microphone.

Daily Echo: Steven and Sarah with their family at Wickham Festival.Steven and Sarah with their family at Wickham Festival. (Image: Steven Ridley)

Sarah said it was “absolutely incredible and long overdue”, adding: “It was scary. I had to keep looking at Steve, I couldn’t look at the crowd.”

The couple have been trying for a baby for over a year and hope this will be the next step in their relationship.

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